Window Net Mounting Kit

1. Stretch window net across the outside of car window (RCI label out) to assure
proper size.

2. Position upper rod (with latch) along upper roll cage with latch toward inside
of car. Slip upper bushing (the one bushing with the larger size hole) onto end of
rod, leaving 1/2" of rod showing beyond bushing. Mark location of upper bushing
and latch on upper roll cage.

3. Weld upper bushing and flat male latch peice in marked locations.

4. Drill two 1/8" holes in the lower rod 1/4" on center from each end. Drill a 1/8"
hole in the upper rod 1" from the end of the rod opposite the latch(make hole run
from top down).

5. Run upper rod through the upper stitched channel of the window net (RCI tag
facing outside) and through the upper bushing. Insert a lock pin in the hole in
the rod and latch the rod down.

6. Run the lower rod through the bottom stitched channel channel of the window
net. With the window net hanging, slide the lower bushing 1/3" in from each rod
end and mark the top door bar for welding the lwoer bushings.

7. Remove the window net and weld the lower bushings in place. Run the lower
rod through the bushings and window net, inserting the lock pins on the outside
of the bushings.

8. To remove the window net, release the latch and the rod and net will come down.
If the rod and net do not easily come down, adjust location of the bushing and
latch if necessary.

9. Never use quick ties or other devices to keep the window net in place. The net
must be easily released for quick exit.

Auto racing is hazardous. The user of this product assumes all risk in connection with it use.
This product is sold without warrant, express or implied. No warranty or representation is made
as to this products ability to prevent injury or death.