1. Lace webbing through adjuster as shown.

2. With edges folded in, as shown, push webbing through notche in hardware.

3. Lace webbing back through adjuster, following same path as in instruction one.

4. Bring webbing over and through adjuster as shown, locking webbing in place.


1. Measuring for the lap belt: allow a minimum of 3" pull tab on each side. Measure
the distance from mounting point to mounting point across the lap and add 6".
Compare to belt length range.

2. Shoulder harness lengths are based on the distance from the adjuster to the
mounting point, measured halfway between the collarbone and the chest nipple
(approx. underarm level). The shorter the better here. Once installed, take up
any slack in the chest harness by the mounting point.

3. Anchor the shoulder harness behind the driver and above a line drawn downward from
the shoulder point at an angle about 40 degrees to the horizontal level with or no more
than 4" below the shoulder line. Never anchor straight down behind the back.

4. Install the crotch strap at an angle parallel to the body line.

5. Do not allow any adjustment buckle to ride on the seat. Maintain a minimum opf 1 1/2"
between the seat and the buckles.

6. Mounting brackets should be installed at the same angle as the webbing will be pulling
under load.